To Provide Reliable Power for the Dreams of
Mankind and the Future of Industries
YANMAR's Top Dealer


Since its founding in 1974 as an authorized dealer of
TOHO YANMAR TEC CO.,LTD. has steadily grown by performing a vital
industrial role in support of marine transportation and urban foundation.
We have provedided our client ,backed by a full after-sales support system,
with YANMAR's high-quality and reliable marine and land-use diesel
engines,generators and genuine parts Over 500 domestic and overseas coastal
freighters and vessels,including cargo ships,tankers and various work boats,
have been provided with YANMAR's main vessel engines.
As for land-use diesel engines,over 800 units have been installed at banks as
power source for their on-line computer systems,
as emergency power source for buildings and as power supply for various
industrial plants.
As an authorized dealer of TAIYO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD., we have supplied over
2,000 vessels with main generators, motors, starters, switchboards and fans.
gTo provide reliable power worldwide in support of the dreams of mankind and
the future of industriesh is the enduring mission of TOHO YANMAR TEC.